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Content Strategy and Marketing are like food and water – they are essential, and there’s no question that any company can go without them.

Even though many of us have been writing articles, blogging, outlining pages, auditing websites, and doing other strategic and content marketing tasks for years, it’s really been over the past five years that these disciplines have taken off.

I am excited to see how companies across all industries has increasingly invested in the creation of content in the recent years. Today, content is the latest rage. According to a survey the Custom Content Council, U.S. companies have spent the staggering amount of 44 billion dollars on the production and distribution of custom content.

With my extensive background as writer, (managing) editor and investigative reporter for both print and online media, I know how to capture the consumers’ attention with a well-crafted and compelling brand story.

I’ve used the combined power of my knowledge the digital space and my journalistic experience for small and big companies from a wide range of industries and topics in order to create and distribute digital content to establish/improve brand awareness, build authority over a specific topic, connect with target audiences, generate leads and create meaningful relations with existing customers.

Depending on the size of the company, I have worn multiple content hats many times during my career: Content Strategist, Content Marketer, writer, planner, editor and content publishing coordinator. Content that I’ve created include blogs posts, case studies, white papers, buying guides, Social Media posts, newsletters, digital / print magazines and customer support content. I have also collaborated (or consulted) on of the generation of visual/multimedia content such as How-to and product videos, infographics, slide shows and webinars.

As Senior Marketing Leader specialized in leveraging Content and SEO for maximum brand visibility, including companies such as, Scripps, Viacom and Square Inc., I’ve developed, implemented and managed content optimization and content building initiatives, including the deployment of technical/CMS solutions for an efficient content creation workflow.

My recommendation to any marketing team is: build teams and processes in-house.

At, for example, after working with multiple external content resources that were specialized in content generation at scale, I hired and trained a team of writers to ensure a better alignment with the strict content quality and brand voice guidelines of the company. Working with in-house writers not only allowed us to have better control over the entire content creation process, but also helped gain expertise in building, publishing and measuring business impact of engaging quality content that is valuable to both consumers and search engines.

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