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What Managers Are Saying About Me

Kiki Burton

“Marc is one of the most exceptional organic marketing leaders I’ve had the chance to work with. He’s both a technical SEO genius and a creative content writer. Marc understands all the components that go into building a strong organic program and how to truly make a brand standout and shine among all others.

Not only is Marc gifted at his craft, he’s also a phenomenal leader, mentor, and coach. He’s built world class teams – he has a strong eye for talent, is a patient teacher, and encourages folks to reach their fullest potential. Marc has made me a better marketer and a better leader, and I will be forever grateful to him for that.”

Kiki Burton, Head of Brand, Content and Growth Marketing, Plaid Inc. (2020 to present)

Chief Marketing Officer

“Marc is clearly an expert in his field. He has the academic and technical knowledge that have fueled Square’s strong Organic Growth. He is also recognized as being open to new ideas to advance our digital marketing efforts, and has been a strong advocate for building new technology partnerships to expand the impact of SEO on our brand and business.

He and his team have achieved tremendous accomplishments for our organization.”

Kevin Burke, Chief Marketing Officer, Square Inc. / Block (2014-2017)

david langrock1

“Marc has a passion for Digital Marketing and Organic Growth like very few people I have every met in the industry. He understands that Organic is a long-term strategy, and has boundless creativity in achieving his goals.

He is also has a great balance between hard-nosed analysis and relationship management skills, both needed for any impactful Digital Marketing role.”

David Langrock, Director, Organic Marketing, Amazon.com (2007-2012)

What Direct Reports Are Saying About Me

“Marc is an exceptional leader, a thoughtful and patient teacher, a detailed, considerate communicator, and an incredibly effective marketer. He has built and scaled Organic Marketing initiatives that continue to pay dividends in terms of traffic, conversions, and search visibility, and did all this from the ground up.

He is a natural leader who is focused on every detail, asks important questions, and delivers incredible impact and growth for his team, the organization, and beyond.

He has been such an impactful mentor and an important person in my career and has made me a better marketer professional, and I am incredibly thankful for that.”

Richie Laudrisen, SEO Program Manager, Plaid Inc. (2020 to present)

j marino

“The Opendoor team is truly world-class, and Marc stood out as an exceptional leader, generous collaborator, and talented contributor in his own right.

Of all of Marc’s outstanding professional qualities, I found his leadership skills most inspiring. Marc has a knack for striking that rare balance between providing friendly guidance and pushing one to produce their very best work. And of course, simply put, Marc is just a pleasure to work with.”

Jeffrey Marino, Web Writer & Data Journalist, Opendoor (2018-2020)

l nicholas

Marc is an intelligent and thoughtful manager, and he has a brilliant way of inspiring the highest quality and productivity from the team members he supervises. He does this through a combination of collegiality, respect, good humor, and a personal commitment to excellence and knowledge of his subject.

Marc leads with grace, good humor, and with an ethos and commitment to the highest level of expertise and quality in the field of Organic Marketing and content strategy.

Lisa Nicholas, Web Content Editor, Amazon.com (2013-2018)


“As a Digital Marketing Leader, Marc brings a set of unique assets to any organization. As my manager at Amazon.com, Marc went above and beyond to ensure his employees’ job satisfaction. When he negotiated our Organic Growth strategy with other Amazon departments, his skills were nothing short of exceptional.

Marc ranks as one of my top favorite managers in my career. His empathy, intellect, and ability to analyze all manner of SEO terrain and metrics makes him an incredible person to work for and work with.”

Lauren Dixon, Assistant Web Content Editor and Writer, Amazon.com (2013-2014)

What Partners Are Saying About Me

nk bachhuber

“Marc was a strong proponent of structuring our Organic Growth initiatives around a solid base of valuable content. His content driven approach ensured our websites would be well represented by search engines, independent of any change in algorithm.

Marc played a valuable role for all subsidiaries at Amazon, and I recommend him for his strong Organic Marketing and content evangelism experience.”

Nick Bachhuber, Sr Manager Growth and Analytics, IMDB.com

M traphagen

Marc impressed me as one of the smartest and ablest enterprise Digital Marketer specialized in Organic Growth I’ve ever met. He was always on top of his situation and had a good grasp of what he needed to do to bring ROI to his employer.

Any enterprise brand that brings Marc on should be prepared for a major uptick in their Digital Marketing effectiveness.

Mark Traphagen, Vice President Product Marketing, SEOclarity