Climbing Brand Success with SEO Strategy by Marc Baumann
SEO is like getting in shape – there are no shortcuts to good results!

In the 15+ years I’ve been working as a SEO practitioner, I’ve developed and implemented SEO strategies for companies of all sizes, across a wide range of industries, nationally and globally (e.g. Asia, Latin America and Europe), handling every aspect of SEO. I’ve experienced the changes of this fast-paced industry from all perspectives: as an owner of an Internet Marketing consulting firm, as In-house SEO at large companies (Viacom, Scripps and and Digital Marketing Analyst on the agency side.

On top of the diversity of digital marketing challenges I’ve encountered over the years, working for has expanded my SEO knowledge in an unparalleled way. Besides its leadership principles that encourages employees to innovate and think big, the sheer size of its business taught especially marketers like me to come up with ingenious solutions for seemingly unsolvable problems, and tackle Organic Search opportunities with cutting-edge / world-class campaigns.

Nevertheless, I believe there is no guarantee for everlasting success in SEO – not even for market leaders and globally active companies.

Several significant search engine technology updates have already forced marketers to re-examine their SEO approach in the recent months, and I’m convinced that there are even bigger changes ahead. Continuous shifts in consumers’ online behavior will impact the relevance and effectiveness of websites and website-centric optimization efforts. As a result, companies will have to adapt by focusing on a holistic online marketing approach that integrates SEO as part of a multi-channel strategy. As additional necessary steps to protect their brand and ensure maximum visibility, companies will need to expand their optimization efforts to every content asset or marketing campaign in every channel (e.g. Social Media profiles, email marketing blasts, mobile apps, etc.) . This concept of Digital Asset Optimization is not new in the industry, but still underutilized by the majority of Fortune 500 companies in the U.S.

Choosing a holistic approach and synergizing all channels that are utilized to elevate awareness and improve online business is a real opportunity for those brands that are ready to take SEO – and digital marketing as a whole – to the next level.

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