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Social Media Marketing is like a marriage – it takes a long-term commitment to succeed!

Analyst Brian Solis once described Social Media as “the new era of marketing and service in which your brand is defined by those who experience it.” Indeed – Social Media has become has an essential part of the marketing mix for companies worldwide. Whether for lead or website traffic generation, building brand visibility, offering customer support or gaining insights into a community of interest – the list of reasons why brands see Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine etc. as productive marketing channel or platforms is diverse.

The history of my personal fascination with the Social Mediasphere goes back to the heydays of MySpace, and it became part of my work as Digital Strategist in 2006 when two of my clients of a Los Angeles based Internet Marketing agency I was working for asked to ‘test” Facebook and Twitter as part the internet marketing campaigns I was coordinating for them. The “test’ was an immediate success, and lead to additional requests of other clients. As a result, the CEO of the agency asked me to create a proposal for a Social Media marketing service “package”, which then was officially added to the company’s digital consulting offerings.

Although the various positions I’ve held since then might have required slightly different focuses among all the Online Marketing channels, Social became ingrained into my professional DNA, and I consider Social Media Marketing today as indispensable for any Digital Strategy that aims at taking fully advantage of all channels in order to reach (and engage with) a brands’ target audience and across the entire digital ecosystem.

Throughout the years, I have become proficient in the creation, implementation and management of creative, strategic and tactical social media marketing programs and help brands to establish and maintain engaging presences on all major of social media platforms. My experience also includes building reputation management initiatives, as well the impact analysis of Social engagement efforts and monitoring brand (and competitors) related online conversations with the use of Enterprise-level Social listening tools.

My experience in Social Media includes the following areas, among others:

• Develop, implement and manage Social Media Marketing plans
• Design and execute social media campaigns to increase traffic to our educational content and drive brand awareness.
• Using social media to leverage content that in-house experts have written, including blog posts, white papers, case studies etc.
• Developing and maintaining content calendar for social media activity, writing content as needed
• Conducting analysis of social media marketing results (% growth in followers, referrals, etc.) and creating performance reports with recommendations
• Establish effective benchmarks for measuring and reporting on the impact of Social Media programs
• Implement Social Media Optimization best practices, optimize companies’ presences/profiles on Facebook, Twitter etc. for maximum visibility in Organic Search

As one of my colleagues recently said: “Social Media replaces nothing, but complements everything.”

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