| Marc Baumann - Digital Strategist For Creative Brands
Marc Baumann is a San Francisco based Web Strategist and Ex-Journalist with a passion for content and a 15+ years background in interactive and print media.
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Who I am
A Man With A Mission


I am a San Francisco based Web Strategist and former Journalist – currently employed as SEO & Content Lead at Square Inc. – who has worked in the digital space for over 15 years and  has a background in interactive and print media in Europe and the United States.

My Passion
Showing New Opportunities


I believe in making a difference and helping people and businesses succeed. My passion is web strategy, and showing entrepreneurs how digital can open new opportunities. I’m convinced that the most effective way for businesses to connect with target audiences is through the creation of engaging, useful quality content.

My Motto
Words To Live By


I live by two words of wisdom coined by one of my all-time favorite authors Jack Kerouac, author of the cult novel “On The Road”. He once said: “Happiness consists in realizing it is all a great strange dream.”  He also advised: “Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.”

Digital Strategy

My passion is strategy and showing how digital can open new opportunities for brands. In my 10 years in the Internet industry, I have developed and lead strategies for companies from a wide range of industries (including publishing, retail, finance, healthcare and travel) across the entire digital ecosystem, from the web to social and mobile.

Content Strategy

Connecting brands with audiences through content is my specialty. Utilizing both my web knowledge and the storytelling skills from my 10+ years in journalism, I have created & implemented content strategies and helped SMBs & big companies to improve brand awareness, build authority and engage consumers through useful quality content.

SEO Strategy / International SEO

As a SEO expert who knows the industry from all perspectives (independent consultant, In-House & agency SEO), I’ve developed, implemented and managed Search Engine Optimization strategies for both small and large (B2B & B2C) companies, both nationally and internationally (e.g. Asia, Latin America & Europe), handling every aspect of SEO.

Social Media Marketing

I have a proven record of driving brand awareness and consumer engagement through the intelligent use of Social Media. Throughout my career, I have developed and managed successful Social Media Marketing programs and achieved strong, visible social media presences for companies of all sizes and across all industries.

Integrated / Cross-Channel Marketing

I am a strong advocate for a holistic marketing approach that weaves together all the various marketing disciplines. Having worked for various innovative brands, I am lucky to have helped to exceed business goals by initiating and co-managing cross-channel marketing projects, collaborating in multifunctional teams.

Writing / Journalism

My excitement for all things content stems from my experience in journalism. I have a 10+ background as a (managing) editor and writer for print and interactive media in Europe and the U.S., and besides developing content strategies and managing content initiatives, I have amassed a diverse portfolio of digital content I’ve created.











In my blog, I am musing about all things internet, including online media trends, web journalism, content, social media, SEO, ASO – and much more.


Companies I’ve been working for

Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to work  for small and large (B2B and B2C) from a wide range of industries – e.g. publishing, e-commerce, finance, travel, education, healthcare, legal and non-profit,  including large corporations and well-known brands, such as Amazon.com, Viacom and Scripps. The list includes companies where I’ve worked In-House Manager as well as enterprises for which I’ve provided internet marketing consulting services on the agency side or as owner of my own Internet consultancy firm.