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My 10 Favorite Killer Titles

Darren Rowse had a great idea: he organized a Killer Titles contest on his popular blog Problogger as part of its latest group writing project.

The contest is only three day old, but the list with the submissions is already very long. Here are my 10 favorites so far:

There are some great advices how to write killer titles out there. Here are just a few examples:

How to craft post titles that draw readers into your blog, Problogger
– Blog Titles are ads, Performancing 
How to title stuff, Seth Godin 
Captivate your audience with a killer opening, Copyblogger
– Why do some headlines fail, great 12 page e-book by Sean D’Souza, founder of the blog Psychotactics

Do you have advice or useful links how to write great blog titles?